Lauren Taylor

Lauren Taylor


Description of position: what you do, your range of duties, a typical days work, etc.

I work predominantly in family law, assisting clients to resolve property disputes and parenting matters. The complexity varies from case to case.

Due to the all-encompassing nature of Family Law, I also often assist clients with Wills and Estate Planning, Intervention Order proceedings and minor criminal law matters.


Qualifications: Degrees. Diplomas, memberships etc

Bachelor of Law (Hons)
Bachelor of Business
Graduate Diploma in Legal Practice


How long you’ve been with the firm

I have been working at Schembri & Co Lawyers since February 2019.


Career Summary: How many years you’ve been in this line of work, or in the legal industry and what roles you have done

I have been working in the legal industry since 2013. I have also volunteered for a number of organisations including as follows:

  1. Loddon Campaspe Community Legal Centre;
  2. Commission of Inquiry Now;
  3. Prison Legal Education Assistance;
  4. Mental Health Legal Centre; and
  5. Darabin Community Legal Centre.

I was admitted into legal practice on 15 August 2017. Since being admitted, I have worked predominantly in Family Law.


Career Highlights

  • Assisting an elderly woman to obtain a property settlement in circumstances where her estranged husband was extremely violent and adamantly against providing her with anything and, later, obtained Enforcement Orders in her favour.
  • Obtaining Parenting Orders for substantial and significant time for a Father who was being prevented from spending any meaningful time with his son.
  • Negotiated successful resolutions for clients in both property and parenting matters without the need for a costly Final Hearing.
  • Successfully running various matters through to a Final Hearing and obtaining positive outcomes for clients.


What you like best about the work you do: why it interests, excites or challenges you

I love working with clients and assisting them to obtain outcomes that are suited to their needs and requirements. It is an immensely emotional journey for clients, and I try and alleviate their stresses and concerns as much as possible by ensuring that I am completing my work to the best of my ability and always thinking three steps ahead. By doing this, I am able to achieve successful outcomes whilst also keeping costs as low as possible.


Why you enjoy working at our firm

I enjoy working at Schembri & Co Lawyers due to the environment that it provides. We work in a collaborative manner and everyone’s door is always open meaning that our clients have the benefit of getting not just the best of myself, but the firm as a whole.


Interests outside of work: philanthropic interest, hobbies, recent trips, noteworthy or meaningful accomplishments, family etc.

My interests outside of work are running, travel and spending time with my family.